PANGASIUS "DORI" (AKA SUTCHI CATFISH) RAISED AT V-4 FARMS

Pangasius "Dori" was originally cultured in Vietnam and Thailand and some parts of Southeast Asia. It's origins can be traced
to the Mekong River in Southeast Asia.where it breeds naturally and can grow up to approximately 130 centimeters or four feet
in length and weighing up to about 44 kilograms or 97 lbs.
With a distinctively meaty taste setting it apart from its competitors, V-4 Farms breeds and produces a substantial amount of
Pangasius  to supply local market needs and gourmet restaurants. The distinctively meaty, white and smooth  texture of the
Pangasius makes it an excellent choice for fillets because of being boneless. It is comparable to salt water cod, sole or pollack
but less expensive. Live Pangasius "Dori" is available all year round from V-4 Farms.
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