About Our Business

Producer of quality livestock, poultry products, catfish, foliar,liquid fertilizer and organic
fertilizer: Products and services:

*  Catfish (African Hito)
* 100% organic new improved and enriched "Young Magic Liquid Fertilizer"
*  Foliar & Organic Fertilizer
*  Hogs (Pure Breed Land Race, Large White)
*  Poultry/Table Eggs
*  Semen from Land Race and Large White pure breeds
*  Agri-business consulting and eco-farming technology training
(e.g. artificial insemination of hogs)

V-4 Farms have been producing quality products for the past 50 years. It has always
been the company's commitment to provide quality products that are affordable and
environmental friendly to consumers. V-4 Farms is a name you can always trust and
rely on.

Business opportunity as distributors and dealers for Young Magic Liquid, Foliar
fertilizer and organic fertilizer is currently open. Bulk sales of both liquid and solid raw
materials available too. Questions or inquiries can be directed to our corporate offices
or via e-mail.

For all your consumer and agricultural needs, visit our corporate retail outlet or
our authorized dealers for "Young Magic" foliar, liquid and organic fertilizer. All inquiries
for  catfish, hog, poultry eggs and other services should be directed to our corporate

Beware of counterfeit products. Buy V-4 Farms products only from authorized dealers
and distributors.           


Together we can make things happen through innovative ideas, environmental friendly
products and partnership towards a socio-economic and progressive global society.


For our customers, we will continue to provide uncompromising  high value quality
products and superior services.

For our employees, we will continue to develop their skills and provide them
opportunities and challenges to keep abreast of technological advances.

For our shareholders, we will continue to uphold corporate governance, transparency,
corporate responsibility and accountability and ensure the highest ethical corporate

For our community, we will continue to act as a responsible corporate citizen to
promote and build life time beneficial partnership with the local community in which we
conduct our businesses.

Guiding Principles

Customer Satisfaction - Research and development of innovative ideas, marketing and
product development of new products in order to be competitive and ensuring high
customer satisfaction repeat customers and continued patronage of our products and

Organizational Safety and Environmental Concerns - Safety will always be the forefront
of our operations to ensure the health and well-being of all our employees. Promoting
and practicing environmental safeguards to preserve our precious natural resources.

Competitiveness - Promoting and increasing exposure of our products and services in
quality, cost, and value to ensure our continued growth in the domestic and future
global markets.

Team Work - Together we can make things happen as a concept of synergy and unity
in actions.

Ethical Work Standards - Creating the highest corporate work ethics, standards and
motivating our employees to be effective, efficient and productive members of our

Fairness and Equal Opportunity - Creating trust and loyalty among our employees
through equal employment opportunity without regard to sex, marital status, religion,
etc. and promoting professional growth based on objective evaluation of abilities,
skills, experience, leadership and teamwork
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