YOUNG MAGIC FOLIAR FERTILIZER
                                CHEMICAL FREE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY

Ecologically sound and organic friendly Philippines' first commercial organic foliar plant food derived purely from chicken and
hog manure. An organic based bio-stimulant produced from a unique microbial process designed to  maximize crop production
and vegetative growth. Flowers/Fruits inducer. Fertilizer Pesticide Authority Registration Number. 1-1LP-1004.
                                               Total Nitrogen          N        1.74%
                                               Total Phosphorus     P2o5   2.40%
                                               Total Potassium      K2o      1.26%
                                               Total Calcium        CaO       0.56%
                                               Total Magnesium   MgO      0.05%
                                               Zinc                           Zn     2.44%
                                               Manganese              Mn      47.5  ppm
                                               Iron                          Fe      4.88%
                                               Copper                    Cu         0.1%     
                                               Boron                      Bo         0.1%

Analysis certified and verified by
SGS - Societe Generale Surveillance, (Philippines) a world leader in verification, testing and
certification. Founded in 1878, the SGS Group is the largest verification, testing and certification organization in the world. The
SGS Group is a leading force in verification and monitoring services for international trade in agricultural, mineral, petroleum
and consumer products as well as certification and services to governments and international institutions. Additional testing
conducted by the Bureau of Soil and Water Management of the Philippines.


Orchids/Cutflowers - 8 tablespoons per gallon of water every 7 days

Vegetables & Tomatoes - 8 tablespoons per gallon of water every 10 days

Tree Crops (Mangoes & fruit trees) - 10 liters per hectare every 20 to 30 days

Rice & Corn - 16 tablespoons per sprayer tank every 14 days

Sugarcane Rattoon - 1 liter for every sprayer tank applied after stubble shaving, then every 15 days 6 sprayer tank for 1 hectare

Rice Rattoon - 1 liter for one hectare, 16 tablespoon per knapsack sprayer applied 10 days & 30 days after harvest
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