Categories of  Fertilizer

Fertilizers can be classified as either  organic or inorganic. Organic fertilizers are derived from living or non living materials.
Some of these materials may include  animal wastes or manure, compost from plants, seaweeds and dead organisms.

Inorganic fertilizers are derived mostly from non-living materials. Most common are synthetic and commercially manufactured
chemicals. Some are considered toxic and harmful to humans.

Why do we need Fertilizer?

Plants require vital  nutrients for optimum growth and reproduction. Essential nutrients such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur are highly essential for plant growth and reproduction.

Additionally, small amounts of iron,  manganese, boron, molybdenum , copper,  zinc  and chlorine are also needed  in order to
sustain plant growth and reproduction.

What is a Foliar Fertilizer?

Foliar fertilizer is a liquid solution that contains vital nutrients that promotes plant growth and reproduction. Application of foliar
fertilizer may be done via foliage or root application. V-4 Farms has developed a unique microbial process without the use of
chemical compounds to speed the production of organic foliar fertilizer in commercial grade. The end result is the product
marketed as “Young Magic Foliar Fertilizer” by V-4 Farms, Inc.  registered trademark.

How does foliar fertilizer work?

Foliar fertilization primarily works via absorption through plant cells, stems, foliage (leaves) and roots.

Common Reason for Failure

The most common reason for failure of any fertilizer whether it be organic or inorganic is the critical timing of its application, the
type of soil, type of crop and other environmental factors such as weather, temperature and pest infestation. Don't expect
miracles to happen if the soil condition is poor and drought is prevalent. It is recommended that foliar application be done early
morning before the sun rises and late evening after the sun sets. A successful approach to foliar fertilizer application is
ensuring the right soil condition, the right crop, the right season for planting and timing of application.
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