Webmaster's  Personal Review of WebCamMax

I am personally hooked with the versatile features of what WebCamMax can offer compared to the limited applications of what
Fake Web Cam can do. The following are the reasons why I prefer WebMaxCam:

First and foremost,

There are a variety of applications to add cool effects (e.g. animations, distortions, faces, emotions, filters, scenes,
backgrounds, and text effects to name a few) to your video. Not only that, there are limitless downloads available from


It allows easy editing by adding cool effects which can be downloaded easily to either You Tube or Face Book. The picture in
picture feature is simply awesome!


It interfaces easily with Yahoo Instant Messenger. Share videos with family and friends even without a real webcam. Acts as
your personal virtual webcam online.


Great and fantastic video editing tool and easy to use. Simply point and click! Very easy to use!

Overall a great and cool product for webcam bloggers! Download a free trial version today and check it out for yourself. You'll not
be disappointed. I'm positively certain you'll agree with my positive impressions of the product!

I give it three thumbs up and five stars for being a great product!

Check it out now at http://www.webcammax.com

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